Jane Blue
Jane Blue Teacher, Middle School
I bought a LA 2 Step for my husband for his birthday. Not only did it make getting in and out of his boat easier, it made his preparation for each trip a snap because he could easily get in and out of the boat. Thanks EZ Boating Solutions!

The LA 2 Step is an innovative retractable stepping system for boat trailers. It’s fully retractable with an easy latch release. You can easily access to storage from either side of your trailer. Take only 2 steps and you’re in!

Carl Pipkens
Carl Pipkens Insurance Agent, Insurance Company
Let's face it, struggling to put your boat cover on by yourself is an absolute nightmare. I used to fight and cuss trying to put my boat cover on until I wised up and bought me a Tarpeasy. Now I can effortlessly put my boat cover on.

Finally a solution to the aches and pains of trying to but your boat cover on and off by yourself. The Tarpeasy not only solves this problem, it also makes storage of your boat cover a snap!

John Parks
John Parks Manager, Resturant
I used to HATE backing my trailer up and down ramps without being able to see properly. After a few minor accidents, I decided to buy a Boat M Pole. Best purchase I ever made! I can see exactly where my boat is, and on top of that, I can enter and exit my boat with ease.

The Boat M Pole is a universal stepping system that adjust to fit your needs. You can simply tweak to the desired height, etc. and climb into your boat with ease! The Boat M Pole also has an integrated pole making hitch alignment easy.

William Barkley
William Barkley Pipe Inspecter, Offshore
Hitches move when you are towing something, it's just an annoying fact. I recently bought a slackinator, it ended the movement right then and there. I would recommend it to anyone!

We use a wedge that slides into the gap between your insert and receiver. It is guaranteed to remove ALL slack and rattle in the receiver and will ALWAYS release so you can get it back out again!